• British Company

    A limited company registered in the United Kingdom. Here's where our creative juices come from.

  • Global Sourcing

    Products are sourced globally at places that meet our ultimate “conscious test” - “would I put this thing on the person dearest to me?”

  • Regional Fulfilment & Distribution

    Your order will be shipped from the fulfilment centre closest to your destination for better efficiency.

  • Products Made On-Demand

    This means we'd only start manufacturing once we received your order. This creates less waste than the conventional manufacturing model.

  • Latest Printing Technology

    Each product will be printed individually with the latest printing technology to deliver its unique vibrant colour.

  • Hand Cut and Sewn

    They are then cut and hand-sewn meticulously by our experienced tailors in Lativa / US / Mexico. 

DEEAREST leggings cutting
DEEAREST leggings sewing
DEEAREST leggings printing
  • DEEAREST About Us - love
  • Giving Love, Expressing Love, & be United

    Founded on the idea of giving love, expressing love, and being united, we promote love for oneself, love shared with our nearest and dearest, and expressing love with actions.

  • Having Fun and Enjoying Life

    We believe life is beautiful. We preach living to the fullest. We design our products with these in mind so that everyone can feel free, have fun, and enjoy their life.

  • Integrity

    Honesty and integrity are at the core of everything we do. We provide customers with accurate information, safe products, and basically everything to our best knowledge.

  • Do Good Do Well

    We pride ourselves as a socially responsible enterprise. Our manufacturing partners are carefully selected to ensure that we do good and do well to our customers, the people producing the products, and to the planet.

  • DEEAREST About US bonding
  • A Woman from Hong Kong

    Jenny, the woman behind DEEAREST, was born and raised in Hong Kong. She founded DEEAREST in the UK.

  • A Desperate Mum

    Mum to an active 6-year old boy, she was struggling with boring boy sports leggings and the lack of trendy mummy and boy outfits.

  • A Wish Came True

    Founding DEEAREST was a dream come true for her.

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