Sustainability & Responsibility

We pride ourselves as a socially responsible enterprise. Our manufacturing partners are carefully selected to ensure that we do good and do well to both our customers and the planet.


Fabric: Meeting Strict Safety Standards

The fabric that we use in our leggings complies with the US CPSIA and fabric safety test to ensure the safety of all of our customers, especially our little ones.


Inks: Safe and Environmental Friendly 

The inks that we use in the printing of our leggings are Oeko-Tex™ certified which means that they are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for your skin.

Business Model: Sustainable for the Planet

All our leggings are printed individually upon the receipt of your order. While this may take a few more days to deliver the products to your door, we greatly reduce garment waste resulting from over-production in conventional garment manufacturing. 


Manufacturing & Shipping: Local Production and Delivery

We are a British company that manufactures and ships your leggings in the region closest to you. This saves shipping cost and delivery time while reducing CO₂ emissions produced during transportation. 


Ethical Working Conditions

We partner with suppliers that offer ethical working conditions without the use of slavery, forced labour, or illegal employment practices.